Monday, 10 April 2017

16 Wonderful Good Morning Message

Good morning my dear friend, I love you so much, how was the night

I am happy to see another day and most of all happy for you. 
How was the night? 

My long time friend, old cargo never rust as will you too. 
Happy morning to you

I want to be the first to greet you onto the new bliss of the morning 
Happy Morning To You

I wish you the best of all that life can give
Happy morning to you

I just want to say to you, the most happiest morning of all is what I wish for you. 
Good Morning Friend

I wish you a wonderful tidings as the sun marks a new day.
Good morning

May goodness be your portion in trueness and happiness combined.
Wish you the best of life, my friend

Nothing compares to you as you rise this morning, know others are dead but it's a privilege to count yourself amongst the living.
Happy New Morning My Friend

I pray the love of God see you through many mornings as this.
Good morning

I wish you a lovely effective day and a fecund morning my friend.
Good Morning to you

I want to pronounce a blessed day ahead of you 
Go and have a blast

The sunlight shall not burn your daylight joy, Good morning my beautiful miss

I wish you great tidings amongst other things.
Good Morning Friend

My happiness is that you are strengthened through it all and come what may.
Good morning to you friend

Grace of the God grant you a most fortuitous morning above all. 
Good morning My Dear friend

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