Saturday, 15 April 2017

17 Cute Father's Day Text Messages

They say there can be no two mum, buy for me there can be no two dad either
Love you Dad

I love you Dad, with every bit of my heart

It is not true father care relatively less than mum, because you, my Dad care the same because your love is sacrificial

I love you Dad for all and more you gave to me

For being the arms that assured us of a safe tomorrow.
Thanks Dad

I love you Dad for staying by me when it matters most

Nothing compares to the love you give because you never forsook us. 
Thanks Dad

Thank you for being the head that kept the body in check, Dad

I will forever more be grateful even if I fail to show it at times to you.

For the sacrifices that I even know nothing about of all you have done to me
Thanks Dad

For being the bedrock wherein we may lie. 
Thanks my dad

Your discipline then seeming hard has joined to what has made me today.
I thank you dad for what you did

My best friend, my disciplinarian, my law.
You are all to me and more Dad
Thanks for all of the years I have known you

You have been all that I wished of a father and I thank you for being there when it always mattered

Thank you for being a father to me

You are the best dad ever in the world and I'll never tire to say it

I owe you big Dad
Thank you so much for being there

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