Monday, 24 April 2017

17 Cute Smile Message

You make me smile and without you is the obverse

Nothing in this world will do if I have to go without seeing the smile on your face

You make me smile in love and whenever I get to be with you, I can never choose another

Your smile is like my rainbow that calms the rain

You set my heart on fire and stoke my heart with joy

I want to forever dwell sweetly on your love because with you, in sated

With each passing day, I get to see reasons why I can never do without you

The sacredness of the love I feel for you is as comparable to nothing

As long as I have you beside, my glass is full of bliss

You are my prime joy, all other things are add-on

You are not to me just a reason to smile, you are essential if I need to always smile

I need no medicine nor an apothecary as long as you exist, I have always a reason to smile

Thank you for adhering me to the shores of happiness

I am nothing without the muchness of your love that matters than food to me

What you are to me is what no one can ever usurp
A true lover and friend

True love has to be renamed by you because through it all, your love has altogether stayed true

By the love vested on me by you, I never want to know it's end

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