Saturday, 8 April 2017

17 Get Well Soon

I hope you get up and get going as agile as ever  
Get well soon my friend

I am such a mess without you, my love because your illness is mine too. 
Get well soon

May you recover to regain your essence in our lives.
I wish you the best as you rest

Speedy recovery with fastness is what I wish you amongst many others. 
Love you for everything

Being ill has made me miss you and the void you fill in my life has become so eminent in my heart.
Please get well soon she take your place in my heart, dear friend 

I wish you become the nimble man again I have come to know.
Get well soon

Hale and hearty I wish you.
All the best, my love

I know no illness can stay you for long
Do bide your time well with some bed rest.
I'll see you soon

I am so sad to hear you are ill but I'm happy to believe it is but a while
Take care

Take good care of you in the mean time.
Get well soon for all of us that love you so much

I hold you so dear in a special place in my heart but I can only wish you attain this instant, a speedy recovery.
Lots of love 

May your  predicament last but a night.
I miss you friend.
Get well soon

As nimble and hale, I see you smiling in your active self again.
Wish you the best of best

My heart goes out to ask your loved ones my friend.
Please do recover well for us

I do hope you are just convalescing and you'll get better soon. 
Take care

You are a great guy and it's a pity, illness doesn't know this. 
I wish you get up in your bones and become the active 'You', I know
Ask the best 

Beyond the weakness in your limb, I know by the care of the ones that love you most, you'll get well for us 
Wish you a burden-free recovery

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