Saturday, 15 April 2017

17 I Am Sorry Message For Mom

Mom, you being angry at me is like the sun being angry at the day and refusing to shine

Mom, all I can say is I am sorry from the bottom of my heart 

I never doubted your love for me mum but I betrayed your care to me
Please be angry no more mum

I love you mum still never less please forgive me with the beauty of your ethereal love

The welcome of your forgiveness to me is like the breath of sun after a heavy rain.
Please forgive me
If not for anything, for the sake of your undying love that cannot be long angry with me

If only I can tell you how sorry I am, mom
Please forgive me so

I know you can't be angry at me for long Mom but I am not excusing my wrong.
Thanks Mom

I'm so sorry mom for my. misdeed.
Forgive me please

Mom, I pray your anger towards me be lessened because I can take the world's hate but never yours

If I have another chance at life, I'll choose your womb
Forgive me, my sweet mom

My mom is like none and when she is mad at me, it is different from all.
Forgive me, Mom

Please mom, from the depth of your kind bosom you bore me from. 
Please forgive me

Forgive me mom. 
I cannot help thinking the heart that love me than any other will be angry at me

I am sorry mom
Please see my contrite heart before you

I trust your judgement will come back in love towards me. 
Thanks mum in anticipation for your forgiveness

Your anger is the representation of God's wrath on me, please forgive me mum

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