Wednesday, 12 April 2017

17 I Am Sorry Message For Wife

My love from the depth of your heart please find a space to love me again

I am shorn of so happiness without you. 
Please forgive me

The days I suffered on the thoughts of you are just beginning if you chose to not end my misery. 
Please forgive me, my lover

Ours is a bond put together by God, please don't let your anger toward me disrupt the beautiful thing we have going on

I know I sullied our love by my acts but I pray you find out your true love for me as have I and chose to stay

I can't go one more nanosecond without you. 
Please come back

On bended knees, I will stay if I have to buttress please don't leave me

I am only a lover by name should you chose to go Pleas stay.

My love for high will search high and Low for a definition but won't find one because it's that true. 
Please remember this and forgive me please

I am sorry for not treating you with the respect I pledged the day you walked down that aisle but please give me a second chance to prove my love again

I know my heart belongs only to you.
Please don't let my love go to waste

I can't dare to think you hold rancor towards me, please forgive me

I'm sorry please come and make this house a home again

All those times I treated you badly, I more than regret them now please forgive me

You are the best thing that ever happened to my life please forgive me

All the world could cast askance their heart to me but if you do, it's rather face death.
I'm sorry my love

What I am not is the consequence of your hate please bring back the beauty of your love to me

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