Saturday, 29 April 2017

17 I love you message for girlfriend

You are the best definition of a girlfriend, because you are my girl and my best friend

Nothing avails best to me than your words

My ally, my joy, my accomplice of life and more are you to me

The light amidst the thick darkness is what you are to me

The sun in my lonely sky that gives a blinding blaze is how to explain how you make me feel

When I think to give up, the thought of you makes me know there is something worth living for

Your heart is where I see myself like a mirror

Nothing can change the love I feel for you except it increases it

I will always love you with all of my being

The honey that all other honey pales to is what you are to me

In love is where I want to be witty you forever

I am forever grateful to fate for bringing you my way

As long as I live, I will wait for you even if in the underworld for of us were we made for each other

Proof of my love is not in my words but my deeds because in loving you, I will always prove it

You are the strength that strengthens me not food but you

I shall you alone even if otherwise stems me in the face

How much I'l love you knows no height or depth or width or understanding

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