Wednesday, 12 April 2017

17 I Love You Quotes For Boyfriend

You are the only want I want to want me

My love for you is like the breath of a thunderous sigh, ever potent 

I love you with a love stoked with the potency of my heart 

My heart is a hollow filled with the treasures of your every sweet love, sweet and tender always

If you are a mistake, then I am grateful to make the greatest mistake of my life

My love for you as stars to night shall never fail to show.
I love you so much my love 

I will never love you less than now, only always more

Like a collect call from heaven, that's how I can describe being with you

You are all the love I ever dreamed of 

I never want to see a day more, the day I see a day without you 

My joy is as glaring as a looking glass ever filling me with pure tranquil all because of you

You are the reason life has been lovely to me

I will always love you more than I love anything else

My love for you is like the meeting point of heaven on earth

Loving you is all I wish, milady your are my life

My life is comparable to honey because you are my tailor-made honey 

Magnificent as the bright star morning is how true your love is to me

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