Friday, 7 April 2017

17 I Miss You

The tempestuous seas that is hurting my inside now can only be quenched by you.
Please come home soon

One day without you, and I don't think I can take it anymore 

Right now I'm miserable, arrayed in your clothes and missing you.

This long distance is killing me, I don't know if I can take it for as long as you intend

This distance between us to me is like hell visiting earth

I want to be beside you'd all day and night because being without you worries me a lot

My heart grows cold without the embers of your embrace because I miss the warmth you alone can give

Nothing compares to my joyful state when I'm beside you.
I an so happy to have met you. 
Please come back babe

I love you with the wholeness of my heart and being withdrawn from you leaves a hole in my soul

I miss you like a drought land miss the rain, please come back

When I think about you, my mind goes fast to a trip making me miss you more.
Please forgive me if I miss you this much, just come back

I miss you so much and it's not because I am just knowing but because I'm just realizing the depth of my love for you

The zest in my limb only comes from the thought of a tomorrow with you and being without your has taken that from me. 
I miss you do much

I want you to want me as I do you, and I hope you feel my absence as I do yours

I wish I can be the clothes your are adorned in now.
So I can be next to you

O! like the breeze privileged to feel your skin now.
I wish I had that privilege

I count the clock at day and the moon at night. 
That's how miserable you made me waiting till you come back.
June 14.
Please my love come back

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