Thursday, 13 April 2017

17 Inspirational Weekend Message

Destined are you to be great like none, but you need only be yourself

In life is always two or three or four path set before us, it's only up to us to chose the right

Never let anyone turn dictator on your life.
It's yours, live it

You are who your thoughts tells. 
Make the best of your mind today

You are a spirit that encompasses the universe, you were never made to be restricted.
Reach for the world

There's no limitation to you but yourself.
Break through your chains 

Hope for the best and only believe, there's no limit to what you can achieve

As you propose upstairs in your head, so are you
So do well to think right

When the going gets tough, be tougher and get going through the harsh turf, only then will you achieve

No one ever made it by wishing, put on your work plate and go

"If only" is never a helpful statement, break that chain of conversation and see yourself walk with purpose
No one ever made it by looking back overly at this past

The past is past, look to tomorrow and make for a better tomorrow

You are you and no one else,  know yourself and stop wishing to be like someone else

Wish, sometimes are the bane in our lives but work well never fail
Rise up today because tomorrow today becomes history

The greatest you is birth the day you know yourself
Know you and grow as you

Reach for your true personality inside of you. 
Know one ever made it wishing to be someone else

You are all you think you are

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