Monday, 10 April 2017

17 Kiss SMS

Right now, I want to emulate Ed Sheeran and just kiss you under the light of this beautiful stars

Your kisses are the best of your attributes, more refined than wine

I love you so much that I wish to forever dine in your kisses

My lips with yours are a match of heavenly attainment

I want to hold you in my arms and make pale the ruddy blooms of your lips on mine to find my fill. 
Please grant me this

In your kisses, I wish to be lost and found again never to be lost

Your lips are a magical wand of honey wielded

Nothing at meat can best the juices of your sweet kisses

I want to know how it is to snog you and let out pure ecstasy by our touch

My lips on yours, O! there's no better feeling than that. 
Please grant me you

Your touch is like a majestic blooms of blossoming garden

In your kisses are truth better tasted by your lips soft touch.
O! let me feel your truth

I want to see the stars in my eyes in pure vertigo by the taste of your kisses at they meet mine

My lips are yours to keep, only please return my kisses is all I wish

I know how much you to me all by the depth of your kiss.

Your kisses are like chandelier lighting the darkness of my awful mien

I love most of all that ruddy lips of yours that has a taste sweeter than the Manna from above could seem

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