Wednesday, 12 April 2017

17 Love Words

The works of my heart is your love

If I didn't know you, pained should I be to think I would have settled for less

In loving you can one never hope to love someone else because your love is a prove of true love

Like man is drawn to gold so am I drawn not to anything else as you

I love my life when you are in it than not

I trust my all to you because your love makes me whole

I know not how to put two words together but this one sentence I know is
I love you

Your smile makes me believe in heaven

You are more to me pristine than the angels

Loving you makes all those pixie dust and golden hands in the movies seem real because you are magical to me 

Unsullied is my love for you never waning through time

I love you more than the sun love the day to come forth

I hope you think of me as I am of you always

My love for you knows no bad nor can be dull of substance

Like a drainage system, you  took all my unhappiness and loved me back to life

One touch from you was all it took and I knew you were the one

I love you so much more than a fairy loves her wand

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