Saturday, 15 April 2017

17 New Baby Message

As a new born babe, new things shall flow with the joy of his welcome

A name of joyful works without blame shall this beautiful bundle of joy be

He is a joy sent from the heavens and a joy shall he forever be

A life time guarantee of joy with no tears save the happy ones shall be shed for him as he came with joy

Happy ho! joy has visited to never leave the earth today

May his presence be like Midas and his welcome be of a well seeming form. 

In goodness shall he grow by

Nothing can change the joy that this bundle of joy has brought and will bring

Love has come through this new flower and may the basest thorn through him may you never meet

He is like a newly busted bubble and may his joy be too much to contain

Like a butterfly bursting from a cocoon with joy to see the world newly, may he see the world through your eyes.

Astray, may he never lie but in the bosom of love grow

Sweet little one, upon the margent of your jejune face may joy festoon your heart forever

Nothing good shall wanting some long you live

In the trails of joy, may blessings rest on you everyday of your life little one

Joy sweater than honey is this blessing better than anything else.
Happy Birth Day little one

Counted amongst the throng of Impact, shall this joy show

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