Friday, 28 April 2017

18 Message About Wife And Husband

For your sake, all that I have, can I sacrifice if loving you becomes a choice

Nothing in this world means anything without you coming to make it something

Your love to me is like the push send button always activating my heart

Love is like a child, gentle and meek, I know because your love makes me so

Daily in you, I want to forever dwell sweetly because you mean more to me than gold

Your love is a grace that bought my pain to give me a joy that can never be lost

Without your love, I am like the moon lost in the clouds

What I wanted of life was all and more you gave to me

Your love is like a window to heaven because through your eyes, the angels soar

As long as my heart knows how to count in numbers , your name will my heart sing like the alphabet

In the deposit of my heart, your love stands tall like an unmovable pillar

Like the moon takes its shine from the sun, so do my joy takes from the joy you alone give

Loving you is the one thing that never loses its novelty in my heart

I loved, love and as long as I live shall love only you

What life has offered me by giving me you was more than all I needed because you are more than a dream come true

Great is the love of you in my heart standing tall like dunes upon a shore that can never be abated

Your love to me is like a scorching sun warming all the coldness in my heart

The heat of your love glows a thousand fold than the sun

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