Saturday, 15 April 2017

18 Romantic Card Message

I can see beyond you and see a future
Thanks for giving me than tomorrow

Your love is only comparable to ..............
No one.
You thought I would call anyone else.

I can see us together and forever with you as my wife
How much I want you,  you will never know

Your love is all the compelling thing I need to prod me. 
Thanks do much for your love

I love you with the depth of all I cherish the most.

Your smile is the most beautiful sunrise I ever witnessed all my life

Your eyes is like the stars I then wish only night to show to see you always

My love for you knows no metes and bounds

Off limits is my heart to anyone because it is committed to you

Those smile of yours I love than 7.4 billions there are

You are all the love I wish or dared to dream of

You are the beauty of beauties I will always avow

As you are reading this, I am already making you in my brain smiling and glowing
Do let me say this 
I love you than love itself

Your face has launched in me a thousand smile long since I knew you

Forever your love will be to me like an emblem
Love you

If my love for you was like the internet, I'll never block you. 
Lots of love 

I wish you all my love that waters than a never ending rain

I love you more than I can say how, but you own my heart this I'll gladly say

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