Friday, 7 April 2017

20 I love you message for girlfriend

Your heart is an adventure I'll never tire to see each day

Every other lover is but false where your love stands in my heart

Your love is more than gold is as a worth

I love you with the betterment of my life because you make better all my good

Love was to me a word till you made it something I knew about

If your love is the adrenaline that rush then I wish to let it forever fill me with your danger

I will love you long enough as I live because your love equals to my life

Indeed true love has no eyes because with you, I can never find fault

Nothing stands true that your love that I'll forever cherish

In your eyes do I find my stars and in them, I find my state

Nothing can change the love I feel for you, not of earth or above or below

O! when I look into your eyes, I see my tomorrow

You are the only thing I want to do all day long if you allow

Into the keepings of your heart, do true happiness in my life show

I am indebted to you by love but please let me owe more

In your eyes, I see the fire of the sun, glow of the moon and glitter of the stars.
How then in the darkest times will I need light when I have you

Nothing is anything without you that makes the little things worthwhile

In your smile, I know I can never go amiss

Nothing's going to change my love for you as long as I breathe in air

You are my plane ticket to true happiness

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