Saturday, 8 April 2017

9 Women's Day Message

To all the women out there, a wonderful day to you

If all the women are as my sweet mom. 
Then the world is filled with the sweetest ladies of earth

I am wishing all the ladies, young and old
Happy Women's Day. 
You deserve more than this

The world may be a man's but is nothing without you women
Happy Mother's Day

Women are so great but Mother's are greatest
Happy Mother's Day, mom

Happy Beautiful Mother Day to all the women.
I love you so much 

Creation is best defined in a woman.
Happy Mother's Day all of you

The world is meaningless without the mothers.
I love you with so much muchness, moms and women out there 

I wish you a lovely day mom and a break (although it's not possible) from your duty you love so much.
Thanks for taking good care of me
Happy Mother's Day

Through it all, you alone can stand.
Happy Mother's Day, my first love

I am so in love with the lot of mothers out there, I wish all the mothers of earth.
Happy Mother's Day

Today, Nature the first mother sings with you all.
Happy Mother's Day, all the mothers out there

Your sacrifice and love is unmatched and I cannot fathom it's depth. 
I love you, mom
Happy Mother's Day 

Mothers are God's special creatures because he made them special.
Happy Day all the women out there

The only people that can carry the world's weight on their head and still not complain are the mothers
I love you so
Happy Mother's Day

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