Thursday, 6 April 2017

17 Love Message About Wife and Husband

Infused in the dew of your love is all day what I will always yearn

Your pretty eyes are burning than millions of stars and in them I could forever stargaze

Your friendship means a lot to me because more than my lover, you are my best friend

There was you standing in my darkest days to love me to the light, so I can never love you less

Into the keepings of true love in your heart is where I forever want to be

All along I never knew true love existed till I knew you do

When desolation appear even in the sky and the end is nigh, your love is what I'll want at last

Even if I your heart is a flame, I'll want to still burn in it

The lair of your beauty and love is where I want to dwell

If magic exist, hit eyes alone can explain it

I may not know the first thing of music, but my heart gives a beat when I see you smile

I love you with all of my might, strength and love that my life has left to spend

From the day I met you till now, no two love has touched me with such magic as you did

Jokes apart, your love is one thing I can fight till the end for

If you journey to the finality of life, hold me in your heart that our love still endure

If my strength fails, my limbs breaks and age begins to tell, one constant thing is my love for you that will never die

Place your hand on mine and you'll see how fate has begotten our love because the two of us were meant to be

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