Wednesday, 31 May 2017

21 Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Husband

Happy Wedding to my dear husband.
I hope our life together will be filled with more happiness and lots of love..!!

Happy Anniversary and may our marriage be blesses with love, bliss in untold proportion and companionship for all the years of our lives!

Happy Anniversary and I pray we love to celebrate more years to come like this.

The truth is that you need not ask me to if I do on that day many years ago today, I because I had said yes even before you asked.
Happy anniversary to us my love and to you most especially for your true love

If anyone had paid his due of love, my dear it's you. 
I love you so. 
I hope we have a good anniversary

The seemingly mundane things of life are then that shows me that after all, I found excitement where others found monotony
Happy anniversary to us dear

I know this much is true that I can go on more hundred years more with you
Happy anniversary love

What I wish on this special day of us is another great year to create sweeter memories.
Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary! 
I can say this all day because you are truly deserving.
Love you my love 

Thank you for all the splendid years together which are just as special as today, our anniversary.
Happy anniversary to us 

You  are the epitome of the fact that true love itself exist.
I love you my dear hubby. Happy anniversary.

I loved you then, I love you still and when the rapture comes, I'll be rapturous because I have you still, always and forever
Happy anniversary 

If I had to do this again, I’d still choose you.
Happy anniversary!
I truly love you so 

A lover, a partner, a husband, a best friend, a comforter, a therapist
I cannot believe love gave me a 6 in 1
Happy anniversary my dear 

I hope we create enough memories that will last to tell to our grandchildren of us in our most fruitful relationship
Happy anniversary as we continue to do so

If at all in love, I cannot meet one with a heart as this lover of mine. 
Happy anniversary to the one that made it all possible

To you my love, I cannot fathom the sacrifices you have made in love for me and everything else but I know that I love you beyond measure and words
Happy anniversary to us

Happy anniversary to the lover of my soul who made our happy home possible

If it was left to me it wouldn't have been all to easy but having you made a happy home seem so effortless. 
Happy anniversary dear

Love you lots, dear love
Wish you all the best today and to us, CHEERS. 
Happy anniversary 

I was incomplete and lost without you.
I am grateful to God that we met and we are together now. Happy anniversary, my love

I want you to know that I’ve enjoyed our times all this while and I am excited to keep doing so in the future
Happy anniversary to you my sweetheart

21 Wedding Congratulation Messages

Congratulations to the most beautiful bride and groom ever lived

I wish you marital bliss this day as you attain a new status
Happy wedding day, my role models

I wish you above all, most blissful years ahead.

As you are both professed, Man and Wife today, 
I cannot but pray that unlike other couple, you last.
Happy wedding day

May you both grow in love with one to the other even more as it is today.
Happy wedding friends

I wish you the best of love, life and bliss friends.
Happy wedding day

I know that both of you have made the best decision of your life today and I know  you'll not regret it for any sake because as a third party I've seen the two of you grown from just friends to this beautiful relationship and I must say that I am proud
Happy wedding day 

It's such a good day to know that true love has been given the chance to express itself by this union today
Happy wedding day love

I wish the both of you, my friends all the best a union can give and even more in life and love
Happy wedding day 

I cannot begin to say of the many things I hoard in my heart to celebrate you two today but knowing you guys have been a most educating point of my life regarding love. 
I wish you both, happy married life forever

All I can say today from the bottom of my heart is that
May the duo of you last till death do you part

You are both of you, written in the stars and I'm not surprised that this day you have chosen to tie the knot
Happy wedding day my pals

May you have no cause to think that both of you apart is best
Wish you all the best

Experiencing this day is the best thing I have seen in years and will forever remain with me. 
Happy wedding day dear

Indeed it is a day of pure bliss watch her walk down that aisle and you in those happy tears.
You must be feeling on cloud nine right now
Happy wedding day love

I pray your union be stationed in the hands of God and forever in his safety, it is found
Happy wedding day lovers 

With trousseau and tuxedos all over the place and smiling faces, it really was a happy day and I pray the joy of the day be just as you shall experience together
Happy wedding day friend

It's marriage and not wedding that I hope you two will be successful in and I hope you get to achieve all of the dreams you ever had. 
Happy wedding day nonetheless

Happy wedding day bro. 
I cannot avow the growth I've seen in you but from the first, I knew you had met a bride in her
Happy wedding day my bro

Happy wedding day to the two lovers from way before time
I wish you both a blissful home together in the making

This is the marriage of true minds that think alike and on that sake, I know you'll both be happy
Happy wedding day dear mates

21 Marriage Quotes

I married an angel now I am flying without wings

Fairy tale to me is real because I found you

Being together with the woman of my dreams brought me the sweetest of reality that dream itself do come true

You are my truest happiness

I fell in love with you and now life is like a dream

You are my dream come true

You are the reason Cupid hit me that very day

Standing and being lost to time how our love story began,
O! my love, there's not a thing I'll change

It's your love that makes me scoff at the very words "impossible"

I love you because unlike others lasses, you came through the touch of true love sting and that was how I knew it was you

The day I saw you, my heart told to my brain
"There she is"

You are too me an impossibility made possible for me as a bride

You are all there is to wish in a bride

My love for you as long as I breathe shall never wane as the morning sun

If by some hypothetical reason, my love for you cease to be, I'll have met my end that very day because your love is my sustenance

You give me a future that no one else promised and it's why I chose you

I love you better than the sea loves to kiss the shore my lovely wife

As long as death doesn't stay us apart, my love for you will never depart

Marriage to others may be some fleeting thing but to me is this
That so long as we are joined as one, we live, ride and die together no matter what

Like Venus and Adonis, my love will follow you beyond the rings in your hands and beyond death itself

The love I have for you shall always be and by God shall never be lost
Love you my sweetheart

20 Wedding card Message

I wish you a most wonderful day ahead as you emerge on this new point in life

Happy married life to you my love, wish you happy nuptials

Happy anniversary my love, I hope you get to live the rest of your life together in utmost joy

Nothing shall tame this joy that you both will get to know from this day

As you both have taken on this new journey in life. 
I wish you all the best

You have taken this bold step towards a new journey and I cannot but wish that you have more felicitous years ahead
Happy anniversary love

My dear, I wish you both joy upon joy, victory upon victory today and tomorrow, evermore
Happy new journey to bliss

Congratulations to the flawless I've ever seen.
Congratulation to you.

From the moment you both say I do.
I wish you a merry long years of immanent bliss. 
Happy married life

With the confetti, trousseau, tuxedos and all whatnots rife in the celebration as you become one, I pray it is not the end of something beautiful.
Happy married life dear

Through every time and every  kind of jollity married life has to offer.
I wish you both a double portion.

Whatever condiments required for a happy home, I wish you all of that and even the best of all.
Happy married life

May the sting of cupid never stop hitting you from now till death.
Happy married life dear

Congratulations!Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple

Through the rain and storms, I pray your love for each other never wane

I pray your love for one another be not as mount Vesuvius but be strong forever and always

Here's me wishing you both joy and togetherness on this joyful day.

Congratulations on finding true love you both.

I pray that the best times of this sweet union are ahead

I pray this be the start of forever.
Love you

15 Good Night, Sleep Tight Message

Good night love, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite 

Good night my baby girl, I pray you get the most dulcifying nights ever

I wish you a happy night today, do sleep tight and wake up your blissful self as usual

As the constellations high have come to watch you sleep tonight, I pray you sleep peacefully and wake happy

Happy night to happy days, I wish you
Have a lovely night

I wish you all the best of the night before the sun bids you wake.
Good night 

Good night my beautiful miss, have a great night in your bed rest and do have a wonderful night

Happy night baby, I hope that all your brunt be taken as the sun shall take away the darkness as the morning comes
Good night love

Good night my love, albeit we are apart we shall see in dreams. 
Good night love

Sleep tight dear love, and bid your pillow my love till I should come

My love, I pray you the morning sun and evening light, a beautiful sleep to you

So long my love and dear dream shall boast to own you for the rest of the night
Do dream of me
Have a lovely night

Happy night my love, do have a glorious night and sweet dreams

As you lie supine as the angel that you are, I wish you a happy night regaled in the calmness of the stars and moon alike
Good night love

Love you my love, and I wish you a sweet night
Good night dear

16 Family Ties Message

To my endearing family and friends.
Thanks for all the support

Love and care
Cherish every moment
And make new ones
These are them that strengthen the family

With love and compassion dear, I pray we grow more as a more united family

A most loving home of peace and not just a house is a true family

Family ties as strong strengthens the society and the country at large

A felicitous hearth and home produce happy products

Luck is not by which a happy home is made but time and love

By muchness of a heart in love and life, is love given. 
By desire to love and be loved is by which a home is strengthened

To make a better leader, make a better father, to make a better father , make a better man and to make a better man, be a better person than yesterday

Cherish your in love, this supersede all the laws of religion

No man is redeemed that made a better role model to other but is at a worst in terms with his home

Blood may be thicker than water but a but a friend who cares for you is more family than a brother who doesn't

Family is not by birth, family is by heart

The family ties is God's way of caring for humanity

A happy family is a happy country

Nothing spells true bliss than a family that loves and care for each other

15 Funniest Good Morning Quotes

Wake up lazy bones
Good morning
It's time to work

A little folding of the hands
A little sleep and slumber
And the you know the rest
So Good morning dear friend
Time to wake

Nothing says the opposite of what it shows more than the sun that shines bright but sais
'wake up freaks and get to work '
Good morning dear

It's funny how people portray the morning with hope, for me it means
I get another day to answer to my alarm clock
Good morning all though

Good morning baby, 
I hope your day be as beautiful as your face

My greatest desire is to lie pillowed on the belly of my love and be safe in her arms forever.
My sweet bed.
But alas, Good morning all

I never seem to solve the riddle how just a minute closing of the eye and from 9:30pm in the night, it gets to 7am in the morning
Good morning friends

I hope the morning is as fair as your figure eight by which time I get to wake
Good morning love

Good morning dear, I wish you a long stay wherever you are so I can have my morning all to myself
Have a lovely dawn 

If I had my way, mornings will start by 12pm noon
Good morning my pals

Morning are the best times of the day but only in dreams
Good morning love

I should say I miss you but having the bed all to myself is bliss
Good morning my dear bro

If luck would have it, I would that all my morning I could spend snoring and kissing my pillow 
Good morning dear

It's never easy to say goodbye but it's finally sweet to not have to wake up early enough to make coffee
Good morning dear

The most amazing thing in the world is having a slow yawn and five hours in the bed after I wake
Good morning dear

15 Wife And Husband Jokes Message

The day I met her, my heart skipped no beat or did I hear butterflies but I knew she was the one

I love you so much darling more than Tom loves Jerry

Having someone to listen to all of my boredom from work is what we are married for. 
So listen very well love

I wish you both are life together as is on wedding days and not marriage days

To my comedian, pastor, father and son all in once
My sweet husband
Love you forever

Living with you has made it clear that life is not a bed of roses alone but roses with thorns

I love with all of me and I will love you even when you are grey and shit on your pants

Husband: I love you

Wife: Are you sure

Husband: Of course

Wife: Prove it

Husband: Well, I'm still with you isn't it

I love you with every fart in my bowels and every yawn in my mouth
Love you forever

For your love, I will reject Cupid's sting again

To my lover, always young and never old in my eye. 
Always remain as beautiful like that, if not....
I will love you still 

I love you so much as to live for you but don't ask if I can die for you I'm not Romeo

My love for you is as deep as the ground to hell only that it is just as much hell

Even when the going gets sweet, when life is beautiful and you get all the more beautiful and younger by the second.
I'll love you still

For you, I will take an empty gun to my head and pull the trigger. 
That's how much I love you

14 Anniversary Wishes

Happy anniversary my brother, I cannot say this of other couples but you two have lived one heck of true love indeed despite it all. 
Wish you a blast

Happy anniversary to two lovers which unlike the modern trend have seen it and done it all but still standing
Wish you all the best

Happy anniversary and more awesome year to come my darling friends.
I hope you to the stature of a love so strong to withstand any setbacks that will surely come
Love you both

You have both of you, proven yourself by true love and I really wish you both are a even happier married life

I wish you both, as a product of your true love which I can attest, bliss upon bliss to come
Happy an dear mom and dad

To 14 years already gone mad and 14 * 5 yet to come. 
Happy anniversary and in advance too

Happy anniversary mum and pops.
Wish you the happiest of times even more together because true love never gets old

Happy anniversary to you my friends, I pray for strength to you two to go even more blissful years together

Happy anniversary to my lovely parent.
Your love have transcended me to the happiest of persons today to celebrate you two

Happy anniversary to my dad and for helping open my eye to the kind of woman I should hope to find

Well bred
A companion and 
A friend 
All that mummy is

Happy anniversary to you two dear sweethearts.
I pray that nothing shatters this beautiful relationship you have come to build

Happy anniversary to my lovely friends, I seen you two compromise and I have seen you two almost call it quit but most importantly I've seen you two choose to work it out no matter what and for that decision especially today I celebrate you
Happy an love

Happy an to the lovers that defines how true love should be. 
Wish you a happier years to come

16 Best Father's Day Quotes

So long my pops I will love you because of all the times you stuck to us with love even when mother left us to ourselves.
Thank you dad
Love you forever

You are the best thing to have happened to us.
Happy Father's Day to you

O! happy day to the best dad in the world.
I wish you greater than this to come

Thanks dad for all that you keep on doing for us and it never seemed to you as just a job or burden but a function of your love to us, I pray you last long to reap the seeds you have sown

The yawn in my life and crease in my soul was out of pure love healed by you
Happy Father's Day dear
Thank you for loving us

I cannot mention how so a love greater than a mere father you are to me
Happy Father's Day dad

Happy Father's Day to... 
My master teacher
My mentor
My advocator
My helper
My one and only
I wish you all the best dad

Happy Father's Day to my darling husband and companion and for being the good father and loving husband you promised

Happy Father's Day to my dad
The man that can move the heavens and the earth to see his children, us, happy.

Happy Father's Day, I cannot begin to mention of all of his beautiful deeds we have shared together but all the same.
Love you pops

Happy Father's Day my dear brother, I have seen how you cherish your kids that even leaves me envious each and every time and I just want to say keep it up

A happy family necessitates a happy head and you have more than any been one
Happy Father's Day my love

Happy Father's Day to the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh for being a most wonderful father and role model to our very own kids
Love you forever

Happy Father's Day to the man that gives me delight when this day ever comes
I wish you a most beloved day 

You are not alone in your celebration today but we celebrate you for all the wonderful things you have done and I, most especially I'm forever indebted dad
Happy Father's Day

Happy day to you dad
I love you from the bottom of my heart with utmost genuineness.
May you last long for us. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

20 50th Year Wedding Anniversary

The crease in your face more than anything tell of your sacrifice and compromise and they make me love you more
Happy 50 years of togetherness

My love, marrying you was the best decision I ever made.
Happy 50 years of growing in love

When the dregs was settled from the real substance, I was glad that this day 50years ago, I fell for you
Happy anniversary dear

Being all year long with one person has always been my greatest fear I'm marriage but knowing you two have washed away that fear and given me hope of true love
Happy 50th year love

It is unlike any other couple to have been through these trying times together and spend it in hope of days as this when the whole world will say
Happy 50 years together.
I love you so much more for all you are to me

Happy anniversary to the couple of couples that makes marriage look as sweet for the generations to come

A jolly good anniversary to my old man and his lovely wife, mother
Happy 50th anniversary to you both from the bottom of my heart 

Happy anniversary to the lover of my life and refuelling of my bliss
Happy 50th year anniversary

Happy anniversary to you both dear, 
I have watched you two become and even grandparent and still never lose the love that brought you tightly together
Happy 50 years together dear

Happy anniversary to my beloved friends as they wine in bliss of the yesteryears and even of today
Wish you all the best

My happiness and joy goes out to the happiest ones today which above all have ran their course of true love
Happy 50 year anniversary

My greatest bounty by fate is your love which I am undeserving of
Love you my love
Happy 50th year anniversary to you

Happy 50th anniversary grandma and grandpa. 
I only wish I had witness you two in your prime as even now your love is strong, it would have been a privilege

True love never falters to find fitting hearts to merge as it did you two. 
Happy 50th anniversary dear

Happy 50th year to the lovers that's are best with age and never age to love

Happy 50th anniversary to you my mates.
I wish you both a splendid lover day together regaled in each other's comfort

50 years is no small number and having seen through it all, 
Who better to turn to in terms when marriages are seemingly fleeting these days
I wish you more joy anyways
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to you both my lovely grandparents
I can only wish for more strength towards the latter days
Love you both

Have a wonderful day ma and pa, it's your day to be joyful after the years of bliss.
Wish you more 50 years

Happy 50 years of immanent bliss evident in your mien today my lovely parents. 
Here's from your darling child to you