Tuesday, 2 May 2017

13 Good Night Loving Messages

I love you much too sweet than I can ever say
Rest well my love 

I wish you a joyful sleep
Good night my baby 

Nothing matters to me but you my love
Have a lovely time tonight 

I wish you all the time you can ever desire 
Good night

My love for you is the betterment of all my day crowned by your face in the night
Night, my love

With you is all the fullest of my love expended
Have a good night, my dear

I fear too much that the love I feel in my heart can never be expressed enough because I love you beyond words
Good night my love 

Beyond measures intelligible enough do I prize you above anything else
Good night my dear

My sweet heart, my love for you can know no end
Good night love

I know I can love no other as the promise of you is better than any other
Good night my love

Rest your pretty head well my love and have the loveliest night
Good night love 

I love you too much to not see you get the best of all of life.
Take care my baby

You make the stars seem not bright and in your spark I come alive.
Good night my dear

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