Wednesday, 31 May 2017

14 Anniversary Wishes

Happy anniversary my brother, I cannot say this of other couples but you two have lived one heck of true love indeed despite it all. 
Wish you a blast

Happy anniversary to two lovers which unlike the modern trend have seen it and done it all but still standing
Wish you all the best

Happy anniversary and more awesome year to come my darling friends.
I hope you to the stature of a love so strong to withstand any setbacks that will surely come
Love you both

You have both of you, proven yourself by true love and I really wish you both are a even happier married life

I wish you both, as a product of your true love which I can attest, bliss upon bliss to come
Happy an dear mom and dad

To 14 years already gone mad and 14 * 5 yet to come. 
Happy anniversary and in advance too

Happy anniversary mum and pops.
Wish you the happiest of times even more together because true love never gets old

Happy anniversary to you my friends, I pray for strength to you two to go even more blissful years together

Happy anniversary to my lovely parent.
Your love have transcended me to the happiest of persons today to celebrate you two

Happy anniversary to my dad and for helping open my eye to the kind of woman I should hope to find

Well bred
A companion and 
A friend 
All that mummy is

Happy anniversary to you two dear sweethearts.
I pray that nothing shatters this beautiful relationship you have come to build

Happy anniversary to my lovely friends, I seen you two compromise and I have seen you two almost call it quit but most importantly I've seen you two choose to work it out no matter what and for that decision especially today I celebrate you
Happy an love

Happy an to the lovers that defines how true love should be. 
Wish you a happier years to come

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