Tuesday, 2 May 2017

14 Best Wishes Of Night

Like add the stars, I wish you a most sparkling and radiant night

Imagine the sun and moon all laid in your bosom, this I can only do by wish my love, so I offer you my kiss. 
Good night love

I wish you a wonderful trip to dream land my dear 

As long as I am awake my thoughts shall pursue to see your face, my love
Have a great night

As you lay your head and lie, may you be rife with joy as you wake
Good night

You are moving forward beyond the darkness is light, wish you the best
Good night 

May you find rest in your sleep and sweet motions in your dreams
Good night my love

What's written in my life was you my love, I love you and I wish you a wonderful night

Through the door of gracious dreams and sweet sleep, I pray you go by this night
Good night love

My life with yours is intertwined and I pray that in your sleep, you'll see me always waiting for you
Good night 

I just can't wait for the morning sun to see you again, my love
Good night and do dream of me 

Lost to the unbelief of a person like you, I wish to forever dwell in your embrace
Have a wonderful rest my love 

I leave you to the sweet rest of beauty sleep and may you wake add soon with a spark as comparable to the early morning radiance
Good night my love 

I wish you all the best that life can give my love
Good night

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