Tuesday, 30 May 2017

14 I miss you quotes

I miss you so much that saying the words makes me miss you even more

How can I forget you when we spent forever making memories that is impossible to recreate
I miss you like crazy

You are the reason why I cannot be myself again without you around

Sometimes I just delude myself that I'll make it through without you but without you I barely make it past a day

When it's all said and done.
I only wish I had more time with you
I miss you so much

You make it all seem harder when you are missing from me and easier when you are around.

I miss you so much because what I am left with each night is the shadows that thrives in my loneliness

I cannot say I miss you any less than I miss you now. 
I miss you today, yesterday and till evermore
Miss you like crazy

I hate missing you but I love that at least I have you to miss

Now I understand dreams, they come so we could fill in the gap between the times we are apart

 There's no waiting the best times with you because it's always perfect
I miss you so much 

Missing you seems to be the order of my day these days

You are always on my mind
Always I in my thoughts
And never from my wishes 
I miss you than miss

I miss you dear, please come back to make things right again

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