Saturday, 6 May 2017

14 Inspirational Husband And Wife Quote

You are the reason I can move on with life

You loving me gives me the assurance that when I face any hurdle, I'll see it through 

If you stand by me, nothing can stand against

When others said, 'I won't do' you said 'I do'
Thanks my love I love you so 

Even when we can't find heaven, I'm so certain that you'll walk through hell with me and it's why I love you so

The tears in my eyes was left behind the day I saw you, I love you my love 

I love you for loving me through thick and thin

You define by your love the true meaning of constancy

My love for you is borne by your care for me, thanks love, I love you so

You give me strength that is matched by nothing else

I am so grateful to have you as a friend and lover because when the going gets tough and I look back to you, it gives me hope

With the guarantee of your love, my life can never be wanting of bliss

You light up the world inside of me when darkness seems to persist

You are my reason why

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