Tuesday, 2 May 2017

15 Best Compliment To Give Women

To womanhood, you are the epitome of strength and grace

Its unbelievable to see how far you've gone.
I sometimes still see you as in the past and compared to now, how you've grown a lot
Congratulations my love

Being your own woman and being you has made it possible for people like me to look up to you for mentoring.
Please tutor me ma'am

You must have been made different from any other lady on earth because you are a special breed in its entirety.
With agility, cognomen and great acumen

I pray you tarry to continue, fuelling your presence in joy to womanhood in this male dominated world

I am trusting that you are and will continue in the stead only you know how to stride on 
Keep it up

To me, a loving mother
To dad, a truthful wife and
To the world, a strong woman
How more woman can you be.
I love you, mum 

It's a joy knowing you as you are, you are a great woman with much delight

Your light has really stoked others to walk in the path of true womanhood.

It's a privilege knowing you miss, I am more than happy to have learnt from a iconic lady as you.
You taught me to be all that I am now

You have set aside your name in this chauvinistic earth and made it despite it all.
Congratulations in your many ground breaking results

A woman of no better form are you in your progress from the basest level
I'm proud of you, friend

I am more than enamoured of you each time I see you, you make me cringe in the standard you have set amongst peers

You have received no silver spoon but created one for yourself amidst difficulties and problems in what was deigned upon 
I'm a proud sister of you.
Keep it up 

What a disbelief to my eye that in such little time, you have made it big
Keep the fire burning sis

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