Saturday, 6 May 2017

15 Best Marriage Quotes

Marriage is two souls together intertwined in one

I'm lucky to be in love with my wife buy most of all, my best friend 

Me plus you equals one and that's what you give to me

You are my world and everything because you make my world blaze.
My sweet wife

Married to you is the best thing to ever happen to me

The day you walk down that aisle to me, you made my world shine bright

I see my unborn babe in you

You are the queen of my heart toppling my mum

I owe to you this joy that I now feel

You are my perfect imperfections and I'll not have you any other way

Having you beside on our bed is like standing with heaven on sight

Loving you gives me a sense that maims all of my sixth sense

You are the one reason I can  hail to true conjugal bliss

The love that we share can never lose its novelty, my true love

You makes it easier when life gets hard

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