Saturday, 6 May 2017

15 Cute good night text

You can say no word and still command a thousand thunderstorm in my heart, such a power
Do have a great night my love

If loving you is my only day's work, then I would gladly joy in it but now it's night so, have a wonderful night rest

I wish you a merry night where you dream sweet dreams about us and above all, have a wonderful sleep

You are the only thing I want to do over and over again because the same result I get is joy. 
Good night my love 

As days to night exchange, may your beauty for the opposite not do same
Good night love

I wish you a most sparkling night wrapped in my kisses.
Good night my love

If having you ever assured me of something, its a joy never ending
Good night baby

I love you so much than you may know my love and I wish you a safe trip to the land of dreams

As you lay down and lie, may you never have cause to wake up in sadness.
Happy night my sweetheart

Loving you even as you sleep
Rest well my love
I wish you a lovely night

Graciousness of a fruitful wake even as you lie now, I wish you so
Good night my love 

All of my glee rests with you and as you wake, do think of me that my joy may return
Good night my beautiful miss

Like as the stars align, may you in your splendour shine with likewise grace. 
Wish you a sweet night

I was made for you add the stars and moon for the night.
Good night love

You are all the goodies life wrapped to me as bliss. 
Thanks my love and good night

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