Friday, 12 May 2017

15 Cute I Miss You Quotes

I miss you like the the heavens misses the sun by day

Without you, is a life not worth living

What you are to me, only heaven can explain because it's a match made there

Like the belly during famine that's how I miss you by just a day without your face

You are the best thing to have happened to me and without you life is incomplete

What I want to show you is how irreplaceable you are to me for without you life has no meaning 

When I'm with you, the best things of life has come to stay

Like a sailor missing the lands as he has long gone away from land, that's how I am without you I am when we say goodbye

I miss you more every minute even when I lie here to say I miss you

My heart's a hollow without you coming to fill the void of loneliness there

If only you could know how I hurt missing you, 
It's like being bathed in a volcanic eruption

Since you've been gone, all I do is stare into space thinking of you

I wish I can just wish you away from my brain as you we t away from my eyes but you just seem to never want to leave

I miss you because you are my one true sunlight and without is a darkness in my life

I have become miserable because I spend my day thinking of you and smiling like a madman.

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