Tuesday, 2 May 2017

15 Dream Text Message

As the stars align, may they carry my thoughts to you in your dream.
Good night love

Above a blissful night, I wish you a lovely dream where you are free to chase

In the bliss of closed dreams, may you never have a cause to bemoan
Wish you the sweetest of dreams

A sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare shall you have as you reach the realms of unconsciousness

The glee that comes with the propitiousness of life visit you not only in sleep but as you wake

Make sure to dream of me and I by love, will do the same

In the name of all that sweet love give, do I hope that you may be with me still in sleep, I love you so much

Your face is like a mirage I'll never tire to see even in sleep

I dream of you every second of my night

In the moonlight thick beam, may you have a night filled with the most beautiful dream

I wish you a fertile night larded with the bliss of sleep

May the Queen of Man not taint your sweet rest with guiling dreams but fill you with my love
Good night my love 

Without your face, I cannot have a fulfilled night

It's the dream about you that makes me determine the coming of night and it's end

As the luminous light on the skies shine on my face when I sleep, the only thing they depict is the cue of your lovely face

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