Wednesday, 31 May 2017

15 Funniest Good Morning Quotes

Wake up lazy bones
Good morning
It's time to work

A little folding of the hands
A little sleep and slumber
And the you know the rest
So Good morning dear friend
Time to wake

Nothing says the opposite of what it shows more than the sun that shines bright but sais
'wake up freaks and get to work '
Good morning dear

It's funny how people portray the morning with hope, for me it means
I get another day to answer to my alarm clock
Good morning all though

Good morning baby, 
I hope your day be as beautiful as your face

My greatest desire is to lie pillowed on the belly of my love and be safe in her arms forever.
My sweet bed.
But alas, Good morning all

I never seem to solve the riddle how just a minute closing of the eye and from 9:30pm in the night, it gets to 7am in the morning
Good morning friends

I hope the morning is as fair as your figure eight by which time I get to wake
Good morning love

Good morning dear, I wish you a long stay wherever you are so I can have my morning all to myself
Have a lovely dawn 

If I had my way, mornings will start by 12pm noon
Good morning my pals

Morning are the best times of the day but only in dreams
Good morning love

I should say I miss you but having the bed all to myself is bliss
Good morning my dear bro

If luck would have it, I would that all my morning I could spend snoring and kissing my pillow 
Good morning dear

It's never easy to say goodbye but it's finally sweet to not have to wake up early enough to make coffee
Good morning dear

The most amazing thing in the world is having a slow yawn and five hours in the bed after I wake
Good morning dear

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