Tuesday, 23 May 2017

15 Funny Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Baby, thanks for choosing to be imprisoned with me in this journey is love

Cheers to another year of being with the lover of my eye in this boring life together

I cannot believe we have gone through it all and still limping, sorry still standing
Happy anniversary my dear

Today is the day of lies, so let me say, 
I could not have wished for anything better than you

Imagine me without you my love, 
I'd be living a bachelor party free life today

The prison they say, is not built for prisoner but for Saints. 
So welcome to my world

Thanks ask those years for accepting my handcuffs love, sorry! my bad, my wedding ring

I hope we find joy than we have found for this boring years we have spent since together
Happy anniversary 

I could not have wished a better lover
Here's to the woman that is still with me through our boring times

Oh! It's been a battlefield ever since but thank God we are still standing, at least for now

A day in joy
The next day fighting and in cycle again
It's really amazing that we are still standing
Happy anniversary love

I wonder how you still stand after putting up with me all these years.
You deserve a medal lady

I must confess, I annoy you many times so you would have no choice to call up your lawyers soon but unfortunately you are so stubborn.
Thanks my love for it all

My love, here's to more boring years in our journey as lovers and till we become bedridden and carried about
Happy anniversary my dear

It's no wonder you fell in love with a fool like me. 
They say birds alike flock together for that reason, love you lots and happy anniversary dear

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