Tuesday, 30 May 2017

15 Funny Wedding Quotes

I wish you both a long successful boring life together
Happy wedding day

I wish you both a family life filled with love and lots of kids even as much as a football team

Happy wedding day my friend, I hope you buy the best of shackles today, sorry ring for your beautiful bride

I pray that you both experience a lovely married life that will soar like the confetti sprayed today
Happy wedding day dear

Happy wedding day newly weds. 
I pray that you both will not go from tuxedos and trousseau today to a boxing ring tomorrow

Rubber stamped in joy
Glued to bliss and
Etched on the stone of true happiness
I wish you a most wonderful marriage together
Happy wedding day

Happy wedding day to the newly weds of today
I wish you the best of love 
Do break a leg

For stealing his heart, today is the day of reckoning where he cups you as his prisoner for the rest of your life
I wish you both a happy family life

Bye bye to your bachelor degree, marriage is an institution of its own
Happy married life you two

If I wish you anything more is more kisses after every fight and more make up love hate every spat
Wish you a happy married life dear

I wish you both spend the rest of the life you get annoying each other and making up and love and making babies.
Don't mind me
Happy wedding day, Pal

Happy married life now that you both have off been sent to island of your own, to never again live alone
Happy married life dear

I wish the both of you. 
Life abundant for this journey of journeys
Happy wedding day dear

Marriage is a step that when you realize your failure, there's no going back as your vows says so I wish you both the fortitude to bear all your ills and to grow
Happy wedding day love

Happy wedding day to you and the woman of your dream.
I wish you both grow in love every single boring and not so boring day of your life

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