Tuesday, 30 May 2017

15 Good Morning Love

Good morning my dearest love, having to say this is one of the things I look up to everyday
Love you

I cannot deny the feeling in my heart and in my soul for you and I say
Good morning dear

Good morning my princess.
I hope you woke up with with joy on your face

Happy morning to you my dear, I wish you a most lovely day

I love you my love with all of all of me
Have a lovely morning

Good morning my dame
I hope you have a glorious day

May the unruly cock crow find you in joy when you wake today
Good morning to you dear

Happiest of Morning to you my love
Wish you a blissful one

Happy morning to you my dear
I pray you wake up to the bliss of the morn as always

As the morning bids your wake, I pray you get to see a happy dawn this morning, happier than you ever had

Good morning my most beautiful woman. 
I pray that all and more you ever wish for yourself becomes a reality
Happy morning to you dear

I wish you a blissful day above all you've ever had today and tomorrow

Good morning, as Aurora raises the curtains of the skies to let the sun descend, I pray that you glow selfsame
Happy morning to you love

I wish you a morning most elegant and bright and beautiful and sexy
Good morning baby

Good morning to the love of my life
I wish you the best of the day

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