Tuesday, 23 May 2017

15 Good Morning Message For Lover

Morning love, how were the night dreams, hope they were filled of my thoughts

Loving you is my greatest treasure love. 
Happy new day

Good morning my love and such good truly is it too that bird that bids your wake

As is your wont, I can only wish you the best of luck which you are not devoid of.
Do wake up joyous my love
Happy new day

May the day kick off in joy and the night end with a wonderful goal attainment
Happy new day my joy

As is the sun to shine, so is it that your face makes mine too shine
Happy morning my love

I wish you a glorious day my love and as you want, may your day be fuelled in joyous amounts even
happy new day

Never once will you be wanting in bliss and as you grow into the day, you are favored
Happy new day love

I love you, my love and I wish for you all and more you've ever expected in life
Good morning darling

Happy new and fecund day love
Wish you a fortuitous day

Like new buds growing as sprouts from the trees even as the morning as from the roots of heaven bud forth to shine, I wish you a lovely day
Good morning

Happy morning dear and I wish you the greatest of love and life to the fullest
Happy morning

I cannot begin to fathom the depth of unimaginable feats I could hope for you but as a start.
Happy morning my dearest love

You are all the bliss the blisters in my heart need to heal.
Happy morning dear

A morning without you beside is no doubt pure penance.
So waking beside you is bliss
Happy morning love

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