Tuesday, 16 May 2017

15 Good night message

Good night darling, blushes and wishes as I think of you tonight but I know I'll see you tomorrow
So sleep tight 

Good night and sweet fellowship with the beings in your sleep your eyes gives you. 
Have a lovely night my friend

O! I wish to be next to you, pillowed on your chest right now but ask the same, Good night

All the best my friend, I pray you have a gracious night

Happy evening mom, I hope your day went well. 
Wish you a jolly good night 

Here's my well wishes to you all my sweet family.
Do have a great night the lot of you

Above all that may or may not seem, I wish you all a most wonderful night and morning ahead

If anything at all, have the most fecund night of all

I wish you the best in all you do my love, and to add, I wish you a lovely night

A lively night where you dream dreams of me is what I wish you above all
Good night 

So long as I see you my morning is sweet to think of you first thing and my night equally beautiful to hear your voice, last thing 
O! You are my life

Sleep well and tight and don't let those darn bugs bite. 
See you tomorrow

It's all well with you my love. 
I wish you a most dear rest

With the passing of day aging into night that I may wait to see you but in the morrow, so long before that...
Here's me wishing you a lovely night

Should you have a nightmare, I'll be there to sift away the bad ones so rest well my love
I wish you a sweet night

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