Wednesday, 31 May 2017

15 Good Night, Sleep Tight Message

Good night love, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite 

Good night my baby girl, I pray you get the most dulcifying nights ever

I wish you a happy night today, do sleep tight and wake up your blissful self as usual

As the constellations high have come to watch you sleep tonight, I pray you sleep peacefully and wake happy

Happy night to happy days, I wish you
Have a lovely night

I wish you all the best of the night before the sun bids you wake.
Good night 

Good night my beautiful miss, have a great night in your bed rest and do have a wonderful night

Happy night baby, I hope that all your brunt be taken as the sun shall take away the darkness as the morning comes
Good night love

Good night my love, albeit we are apart we shall see in dreams. 
Good night love

Sleep tight dear love, and bid your pillow my love till I should come

My love, I pray you the morning sun and evening light, a beautiful sleep to you

So long my love and dear dream shall boast to own you for the rest of the night
Do dream of me
Have a lovely night

Happy night my love, do have a glorious night and sweet dreams

As you lie supine as the angel that you are, I wish you a happy night regaled in the calmness of the stars and moon alike
Good night love

Love you my love, and I wish you a sweet night
Good night dear

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