Saturday, 6 May 2017

15 Happyful good morning text

It feels like heaven to wake up and have someone like you to be the welcome of a new day

I am so proud to have to see you beside me every beautiful day.
Thanks my love

You mean to me, a thousand times than anything else can try to mean and in the morning is when I feel so grateful to have you more

Thanks for the blessings of your love

My love for you is the best thing to ever happen to me and seeing your face every morning is the height of my joyful state

You make my day special all by one gaze at your face

You know to me there is nothing as a morning without you

If only to be possessed of you all the remainder of my dear life, I'll gladly give myself as long as I wake beside you each day

Like the dew of morning, you pour down your sweetness each dawn when I see you slowly wake

You make me feel like life couldn't have come batter each morning

With you every day waking up beside me, the sun really lose its novelty because you shine just as bright

All of things bright and beautiful but I love you most of all

Like the sun pledges allegiance to the day, I pledge my love to stay true to you every morning till night all my life

You make me feel like I never should leave the bed every morning but cuddle up with you till the night

As long as I have you on the right side of my bed each day, life will always be wonderful

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