Saturday, 6 May 2017

15 Have A Nice Sunday Text

A most fecund of Sunday, I wish you to have today and all the time
Happy Sunday my friend

Have a very buoyant Sunday and rest well my love

I wish you the nicest day of days ahead, my love.
Happy new day

A most wonderful morning to you my friend, Happy Sunday

Most delightful grace that separates you from grave, may they be your portion friend
Happy Sunday

I have a love for you so strong as the morning sun. 
Happy Sunday love

I wish you a day safe and sound with a fortuitous visage.
Happy Sunday My Love

Never was there a time I thought I could hope to see the sun with much joy.
Happy Sunday love

The bulk of my night is defined by your thoughts on my brain.
Happy Sunday My baby

My O! my, it's a brand new day and above that, a good Sunday to you, my most beloved friend

Lovely day to you my friend, I wish you a sweet Sunday night rest in joy. 

This day is your day my love, I wish you a felicitous Sunday and may the containment of joy be yours to dole

Upon ten thousand fold times ten, may the sun of all things good fuel on you. 
Happy Sunday

May the shining armor of goodness grant you all that matters to you. 
Happy Sunday love

All that you yearn to get in life shall not be lacking for your sake.
Happy Sunday

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