Saturday, 13 May 2017

15 Health Message And Quotes

Hale and heartiness shall you never be found wanting

Your strength shall not fail you in the most asking times nor shall they be wanting

Health as profuse as the sea, may you have as portion

All good things of life shall come not in measure but fullness to you

I wish you all the strength you ever need to go through life and more

Your arms shall be as balm and calm to every things that seeks you harmed. 
Wish you all the best

Nothing shall taint the light in that eyes of yours that they may shine and never mellow

You are strengthened beyond the hassle of life's little game

Immanent strength is your portion in the abode of every thing you love most

I wish you a heart ever pumping and limbs ever nimble to forever

Upon the well of nimbleness shall you number in the fore in strength evermore

You are blessed in the foison of grace in your health forever

Your health shall amass your wealth and mirth and never dearth.

May you have no need of a doctor's appointment ever again

I wish you all that life has in its pocket and most of all strength as an OX

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