Friday, 12 May 2017

15 Honey Good Morning Message

My sweet pie, how was the night, I hope you had a most fertile dream.
Good morning love

As is not of the day to be overcome by stars before night so shall you not be by greedy death.
Good morning my beautiful baby 

More than you care to know my love, you waking and beside me is the best version of my life
Good morning my wife

Honey, you are everything I can ever hope to imagine in a wife, my sweet wife
Good morning my love

I wish you all the best my love as well as in your dreams where I don't have the chance too come in to but now,
Good morning my love

As fresh and swift as the descent of sun every new morning, I wish you a wake in like manner.
Happy morning my love

The bliss of the morning shall not by your side be wanting, my love. 
Good morning

Even when the others have no cause to not smile by the morning.
As long as I have you, it's all that matters
Good morning love

Your face is my sunshine after every rain, my love
Jolly good morning to you

I'm forever grateful that you are to me a reason that beats every other reasoning
Good morning my dear

What becomes of my day depends on your mood in the morning, my love
Have a wonderful morning so I can too.

I wish you a morning as sweet as the jolly feast of the daily heavens. 
Morning love

May you have a wonderful morning as is your wont, my dear
Good morning to you

I wish you my love, a felicitous day ahead
Good morning to you

You are the light that beams as beacon to my every hopeless day.
So have a good morning love

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