Tuesday, 2 May 2017

15 I Love You Baby

By love, I love you so much baby and I swear to ever never stop

My love for you is one thing I'll cherish forever

You are my everything, my world and my life, without you is nothing meaningful

I love you so much baby that I'll do double my heart capacity all to see you happy

I am so proud to know a lover as you.
You mean all the world to me

You are all of all of the best in me

My love for you is like the brightest of flowers in early spring, ever beautiful

I love you so much baby girl more than anything else 

Thanks for sealing me with the touch of true love you best know how to

Whenever I am near you, I feel the love of a sudden rush of immeasurable bliss

My heart knows nothing beside you because you are all my heart space us filled with

You are my favorite to do list and everything else is going through the motions

You better the good in me and in fact turn them best

My love for you is greater than my lips is close to be able to expend

You are my most prized fortune and your love is my greatest delight

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