Thursday, 18 May 2017

15 I Love You Image For Facebook

I never want to waste a second to tell you, I love you because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed

Loving you is all the dream I can ever wish to have

About my love for you, is a matter that never loses its novelty

Much more than I can say ‘I love you’, with all of the wholeness of my heart

The proof of my pure love for you is borne on my heart all the time it catch the slightest bit of your face 

Your love to me is an indication that I am covered in love even till the last day when fire shall rain the earth 

You are a symbol of eternal love for as long as you live, I am loved

It reboots my senses, your visage that is a dream come true

Loving you is a sense that destroy all my other senses making me believe in your every beautiful lies

The beginning of my love for you has in itself no common bound.

My love will not hold a thing without the holding of your love requited

To the ends of the earth, my love for you will never cease to be

My soul is yours to spare as you wish but please let it forever be indebted to you of love and not hate

I love you much more than even I can discern

You are everything I can ever wish to have

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