Friday, 12 May 2017

15 I Love You Message For Her

I love you and all day I say this a million times a day, I mean it down to the last

Nothing really matters to me beyond that I am happy with you beside me

If love cease to be, the live I bare for you my love shall be the last as a beacon to Cupid only might because our love is one of its kind 

If I should draw how I see you in my heart.
I'll draw the most amazing garden and blossomed yield

My love is nothing of its own but of a course add smooth as silk in a web

I love you so much more than life itself

Without you, I  can guarantee my heart to fall amiss

The perfect miss tailor made for me as I for you is what we are to each other

Like the brightest morning glory is your love as spectacular in my eyes

I love you because your love shadows the darkness in my life

I love myself all because I was in the right day, right time and moment, the day I met you

My love, I will give anything to love you to the ends of the earth and beyond

My heart is agape at the awe of the depths of true love it holds for you. 

My love, I can love no one else save you because I know this much is true even if I know nothing else

You are my flames that keep me burning with joy

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