Tuesday, 2 May 2017

15 I Love You More

My love for you supersedes all of the gold and the glory I ever got

You are all the best thing life could have given me as a lover

I'm ever grateful to have found a true friend and wife in you, my love

All is incomparable to you in my heart

Tomorrow is non existent to me if you are too

My first and surely my last is what you are and will be

You are the reason why I am grateful in love

With Cupid touch is what like I had just come to begin living when I first saw you, my love

You are my everything and without you is nothing

You mean more than what this world put together can guarantee me

You are my world and universe

As the impossibility of unicorns so is my loving someone else aside you
I love you so much, my love

Into your eyes, I see the fire of true love for me that can never die, and it's no reason why I can never stop loving you

With you I can become a toy soldier never forfeiting to do your bid, all for love

I know love all because I know you

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