Monday, 15 May 2017

15 International Day Of Peace Message

Better than the world at war and I in peace with myself, I rather the world at peace and I the other way round 

If people can hate, then they can love

If only the world has the love of a mother, she'll never be at war. 
Rather we war like with the brute of father's

It is of us to seek and attain peace and only then can we live in oneness with our true nature 

Never did a time come when warring in the long run solved anything yet it's bemusing how people still choose War many more times over Peace 

Peace is as honey, never losing its sweetness

There's no other way to peace other than seeking the peace of others

Peace is in respect and love for the other, regardless of religion and race. 

Nature smiles when pervading is peace

Until we choose peace, we remain in pieces with ourselves because we war with our nature which is of peace evident in that meek little babe that first came

Rather than a palace, seek peace
Rather than hate, practice love

War demands billions to enact but peace is free from the heart.
Seek peace

Many a orator have moved the crowd towards war but I am no orator with choicest words save to plea to the earth that we strive to make peace and not war always

Only in one piece can we please dying Mother Nature.
#Make peace nor war

By the words of love and care for humanity that transcends beyond religion, can we really seek out peace

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