Saturday, 6 May 2017

15 Love Quotes For Him

You to me are my favorite subject to ever think of all day long 

My knight in shining armor is what you are to me, my love and friend

You really are my strength, for when you are with me, every struggle just fades away

I can wish no greater thing than the treasure of your love to me that never fails

Whenever I lay next to you, it feels like heaven has come to be with me

Lying on your chest is as fortuitous as attaining a treasure chest with the most splendour of the world lying there 

I have no knowledge of a love as strong as the one you give.
Ever true

Lying on my bed and thinking of you but not having you is the greatest emotional abuse ever

For gracing my heart with your love, forever will I be and am I indebted to you

I love you my love and of this, I'll never tire to say

You are my sun and in your halo, I forever want to live add the moon hopes on the sun to shine

Nothing compares to you, you are the best thing to have ever set path my way

I love you and will forever do so for all of my life till eternity

If loving you is my greatest sin, then I'll choose no other way

Never before had I thought to love a man as I do you because the love I bare for you is one with a like passion as Juliet for Romeo

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