Tuesday, 16 May 2017

15 Love Text For Facebook

If loving you is like the last seen on facebook then I'll always be online

I wish I can send my heart through this medium for you to know how it feels by the hearing of hit name alone

Your love to me is like a shepherd guiding my heart to joy

I owe you the joy of my life I feel now

You are all a man ever wish in a girl

I am to you, an ever grateful lover because your love is only comparable to a fairy tale

Nothing can sully the beauty of hot love in my heart

You are my surety and the assurance of a bright start each morning

I owe you the best part of all I have and check cherish the most

In plenitude, without measure is your love to me without equal

I love you with every breath I can swear to yet give

You are the blue in my sky like facebook logo and the green in my grass like whatsapp

My day starts with the thoughts of turd face and ends with the thoughts of you so it's safe you say you are my everything

Nothing of reality can check the sweet love I feel for you

Your love always hit me hard each day like Cupid's magic

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