Tuesday, 2 May 2017

15 Lovely Good Night Message

As the stars convene to see, I wish you a felicitous night above all

Nothing compares to being beside the point of bliss I get with you
Thanks my love
Good night

I am so happy to have you as mine
Good night my love

Looking forward to seeing you on the morrow, my love
Good night 

You make my world feel better and my 'better' turn best
Good night my sugar pie

Life gave me you and forever I will aver my everlasting love for you
Good night and do dream of this lover of yours
Good morning my love 

There was always beauty in struggle,
This is what I was always told and now I cannot be any happier
Good night my sweetheart

I cannot be guaranteed of a halcyon days better than the one you give and promise
I love you for giving me that much
Good night my love 

May your pillows be a good substitute to the love I should share radioactivity you 

It's all a good doing and I wish you all the best in the night's beauty

By the rousing grace of morning and boisterous face of noon, I wish you good night

That all is well and fine do I pray for you.
Have a wonderful night

As day age into night, I wish you all the best my love

May you see the outright beauty of your ethereal love to me even your dream. 
Good night love

Sheer your woes away and hope on the night for a better tomorrow 
Good night my heart's other

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