Monday, 15 May 2017

15 Monday Syndrome Quotes

Verily MONDAY will beat the Devil for highest number of haters

“If Monday had a face, it must be a bully as

I don't know if it's just me but I hear on Sunday night, Monday always taunting me before it's  time

Can someone please explain to me who thought it wise to create Monday.

They deserve my envy that love the day called MONDAY.

“The hardest thing that I ever had to garner strength for was never anything but waking up Monday morning

Imagine if all of the weekdays were Monday.
Even God would be vexed for he rested on the seventh day

My greatest bane starts right from Monday morning.

Imagine Monday being a man, I'd lock him up for life

I always wonder why one Monday seems to last longer than 2 weekend days

Monday is so awful that I forget it's just 1/7th of my week

If only Mondays would never be, or just great if I can spend it in bed as a man of simple pleasures

On my final days on earth, I'll say to Monday. 
Finally rid myself of you

I don't know if Monday has a ear but many times I have said to it
Please don't come near

If Monday is a man, then he comes too quickly

My greatest wish is to have all of Monday as Holiday

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