Friday, 12 May 2017

15 Perfect Love Messages

No one woman knows me like you do, my love
Please never leave me 

The love of you I'm me makes me man enough for anything

Than Gold than anything in beloved on earth, I love you too much than life

I'm this lifetime or the next, I will forever love you

Having you in my life, heals all of my ills

When I an old and grey, tired and frail or limp and derailed
I will still love you so

Your love makes me sober than a sober morning sunshine after the night

Your love gives me purpose and deepen my love each day I see you alone

You are the only thing I want to do and my only reason why

You are my lyrics and the music in my head.
I love you so

As long as you exist, there'll always be a backdoor to heaven

If ever a love that you shew to me exist, but if only, because it doesn't
Your love with mine is unmatched

You are to me a most perfect perfection

I love you with all of the strength of my heart for without you, my life is like a drunken man tossed by the wind

When there is you, there is always a day after every dark

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